Nov 222015

I think it is worse than fear of terrorism. It is unreal. Yet we have many examples. Lets just promise ourselves that if we ever build our Good New Town, we won’t be afraid. We won’t be afraid to express ourselves, we won’t be afraid of non-existing far away person getting offended of our yoga poses or feather headdresses. If somebody is personally uncomfortable with me enjoying myself – lets have an honest face to face conversation about the issues and hopefully resolve them. Nothing should go under the carpet. art by Alexandra Cook

I am ethnically mostly Russian. We are not a minority world-wide, but I am in a minority where I live. It is surprises me sometime when people do, as they think, something Russian, and it isn’t. If they are close friends I may joke about this and correct them. But ultimately, it is their business as long as they don’t directly bully me for being Russian. As simple as that.

There is no ethical value in political correctness. There’s no wisdom or kindness in it. It what people scared of their own shadows do. And we want to live in a good new town…