Nov 222015
Fear of freedom

I think it is worse than fear of terrorism. It is unreal. Yet we have many examples. Lets just promise ourselves that if we ever build our Good New Town, we won’t be afraid. We won’t be afraid to express ourselves, we won’t be afraid of non-existing far away person getting offended of our yoga […]

Oct 152015

I am very keen on studying people’s personalities and I think that to build a happy stable community everybody need to know of all sorts of differences in perception and behavior which stream from differences in personality. Some types are naturally more flexible, others are more commanding. We need them all, but it is very […]

Sep 162015

A couple of quotes from Laird’s Commentary on Community and Consensus blog post – dealing with difficult community issues. I really like that the author shows that there’s always at least two sides in the conflict. I so much prefer this to strict “goodie and badie” judgement a hint of which shows in somebody’s else […]

Sep 152015
Traditional crops to plant in autumn

We need to think carefully what to grow in our eco-village in order to obtain maximum of healthy nutriens spending minimum time and effort. This is what was traditionally planted in autumn in some temperate and subtropical regions. This is what crop plants Nan K. Chase recomends, presumable for North America: Parsley, Coriander, Radishes, Greens […]

Sep 142015
An ecovillage should be the primary building block of any future society

A family can’t be, as they start and split, kids grow up and move, partners unfortunately outlive each other. Some people just want to stay single. There should be a recognizable community all people could belong if they wished. Workplaces change, more and more people work from home. Yet everybody needs to live somewhere. I […]

Sep 042015
Are we getting more divided or just regrouping among our tribes?

In his article “Britain’s Dangerous New Tribalism” Kenan Malik   argues for the first. My feeling is that for the duration of all our human history and prehistory people had to belong to tribes, casts and classes without their choise. Now we can choose and new voluntary groups of people are forming. As long as […]

Jul 282015
Why an eco-village?

I should admit straight away that I don’t know much about eco-villages, but I want to learn.  Because I feel that lots of things gone wrong with today’s living.  Because I’ve seen how some things could be done better. I am talking about my childhood and student memories. It’s not just me: I’ve heard stories […]

Jul 262015

We would like to create an eco-village on the outskirts of Newtown. The town will grow – it would benefit from growing in the right direction. We would like to create a happy, beautiful and efficient place, a model for future semi-rural developments: powered by renewable energy, surrounded by edible landscapes, both wildlife- and people friendly. […]