Nov 062016

Sometimes I feel like I have to hold the world by hand, just as I did when my kids were little. I am an overprotective parent. But the world doesn’t need me dragging it. I wanted to build a unique place, an intentional community working to make human life better. But it is already getting […]

Oct 242016
Building a Local "Connection Economy" for a Good New Town

Newtown, Powys is a part of the emerging new world, just like everywhere else. This world is globalized, computerized and interconnected. This is a fast changing reality, where jobs, careers and industries don’t stay in a way they used to be. The therm “connection economy” was coined by Seth Godin to describe the new economic reality where the connections between the nodes […]

Oct 162016
Building the Good New Town as a non-dogmatic community

If the word eco-village is too loaded with images of low tech and countryside to be used for a nature- and future- friendly intentional community also in towns and cities, what could it be called? There is a therm for a nuclear family. Maybe there should be one for a Nuclear Community, as an alternative building block of any society? […]

Oct 132016
All kinds of people

“We’re all mad here.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland   All in our different ways… We understand that people differ from each other, not just by the way we look, but by many ways in which our brains work. This is good. I think a great strength of Humanity lays here. And I think for […]

Oct 092016

We are humans. All our friends, mentors and family are. And we are here, dominating this planet. If we never developed, would other intelligent species took over the planet one day? Could dolphins, elephants, crows, chimps, dogs or perhaps rats give rise to a new civilization? Would they be “gentler” with the Nature and each other […]

Oct 052016

This is a mindset clearly to avoid when building a better community. No group of people has a monopoly of goodness. People are people. We all think ourselves as being on the good side. Only the people indoctrinated in a fundamentalist worldview perceive all what is on “other side” as always wicked, wrong, sinful, evil. They won’t […]

Oct 042016
The future of agriculture in Wales

Here’s my contribution to the debate Many small scale experiments for a more resilient future Now that we have an opportunity to rethink the future of agriculture, land management and the life of rural communities in Wales, let people to experiment and to find out what will work. There is no need to play havoc […]

Sep 192016

An eco-village need maximum efficiency to prevent wasting of any of its resources. This actually implies that it should be run by a AI, who constantly monitors all of the systems. It may look a bit dystopian, but if this AI can’t switch off the life support or lock the doors (usual fiction pitfalls!), plus […]